Price vs Power – Ratings and Comparisons


Price VS Power Scatterplot

Price Vs. Power Scatter Chart

We’ve just introduced some interactive charts to help you buy the car that you want. If fast cars suit you, browse to our car ratings tab to view our ratings for all cars. The Price vs. Power interactive chart will help you select a car that’s in your price range, that also has enough power to suit your needs.

The higher up the dot, the more power that the vehicle has – the further right it is, the more it costs.

There are some clear winners that we can see here, the locally produced HSV and FVP models provide plenty of power compared to the other vehicles in their price range.

You can see that most vehicles have between 100 and 150 kW of power, which covers most standard hatchbacks and sedans. You can also see the luxury vehicles sitting towards the bottom right of the chart, as the cost of the car will tend to improve the quality of the car and interior.

The screenshot on the right was obtained from the BMW 3 Series page, under the “Ratings” tab.