New Car Manufacturers List


Map of Car Manufacturers by Country

Map of Car Manufacturers by Country

Discover where your favourite manufacturer’s vehicles are made, and explore our full list of Car Makes by Country. has just been launched, and we’d like to start things off by introducing our 2014 New Car Manufacturer’s List. Here you’ll find an interactive map that highlights what countries our vehicles are built in.

The United Kingdom and Japan manufacture the widest rage of Makes (10 each), and it is interesting to see that Thailand is next with 8 Makes of cars that are built there!

You will also be able to find a breakdown of models that are made in each country, as well as a full list of countries and manufacturers.


Test your Car Knowledge:

Can you list the 5 Makes of cars that are made in Australia?
Can you list any of the 8 Makes of cars that are made in Thailand?
2 car manufacturer’s build some of their models in South Africa – Can you name them?

Check out the Car Makes by Country page to find out more.